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Volume 25;Number 1 and 2;

dc.contributor.otherLarese, Stephenen_US
dc.contributor.otherCoffey, Rolanden_US
dc.contributor.otherMcNamara, Annemarieen_US
dc.identifier.citationArt Criticism: Stony Brook, N.Y.en_US
dc.descriptionv. : ill. ; 22 cm (original analog pub.)en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDepartment of Art, Stony Brook University; Stony Brook University Librariesen_US
dc.format.mediumElectronic resourceen_US
dc.rightsAll rights reserved. Stony Brook University.en_US
dcterms.contributorKuspit, Donald B. (Donald Burton), 1935-en_US
dcterms.contributorAlloway, Lawrence, 1926-1990en_US
dcterms.creatorStony Brook University. Dept. of Art.en_US
dcterms.creatorEdwards, Mariaen_US
dcterms.creatorMacKinnon, Valerieen_US
dcterms.creatorByrnes, Elyseen_US
dcterms.creatorde la Maza Chevesich, Josefinaen_US
dcterms.creatorParkinson, Nicken_US
dcterms.creatorSneed, Gillianen_US
dcterms.creatorStack, Clionaen_US
dcterms.creatorGilbert, Julie M.en_US
dcterms.creatorBowditch, Lucy L.en_US
dcterms.creatorKosstrin, Hannahen_US
dcterms.creatorShane, Robert R.en_US
dcterms.creatorKuspit, Donald B. (Donald Burton), 1935-en_US
dcterms.creatorRies, Martin, 1926-en_US
dcterms.descriptionIf Art Criticism meets some of its editors’ hopes for it, we shall be able to claim the appearance of some art criticism, with subjects arising from the writers’ or editors’ decisions, rather than the art market’s. Articles on individual critics and on current groups and tendencies will lead towards the adequate history of art criticism so badly needed in relation to art and in relation to the literature of other disciplines. (L.A., D.B.K., Spring 1979)en_US
dcterms.descriptionEdwards, Maria, “The ‘Culture Industry’ and Commodification of Art.” MacKinnon, Valerie, “Sexuality and Originality in Picasso’s Creative Process: Two Prints Deconstructed.” Byrnes, Elyse, “Swallowing Hell: Expressions of War in Japan and West Germany 1940s-1980s.” de la Maza Chevesich, Josefina, “Introducing the World to Himself: Robert Rauschenberg and ROCI Chile.” Parkinson, Nick, “Speaking Directly: An Examination of Symbol and Communication in Allan Kaprow’s Happenings.” Sneed, Gillian, “From Happenings to Conversations: Allan Kaprow’s Legacy in Contemporary ‘Relational’ Art Practices.” Stack, Cliona, “The Leveling Up of Performance Art in the 20th Century.” Gilbert, Julie M., “A New Way of Approaching the Absolute through Art: The Sacred Mirrors of Alex Gray.” Bowditch, Lucy, “The Reluctant Muse: Images of ‘Lucy’ in Mark Greenwold’s Paintings.” Kosstrin, Hannah, “Passion and Angst: Postwar Identity in Two Dances by Anna Sokolow.” Shane, Robert R., “Looking and Moving: Kinesthetic Empathy, Dance and the Visual Arts.” Kuspit, Donald, “Lorraine Shemesh’s Dancers: The Figure as Grand Abstract Gesture.” Kuspit, Donald, “Falling Apart and Holding Together: Kandinsky’s Development.” Kuspit, Donald, “Review of Simon Schama, The Power of Art.” Ries, Martin, “Review of Matthew Spender, ed., Arshile Gorky, Goats on the Roof: A Life in Letters and Documents.”en_US
dcterms.provenanceThis record was updated April 2013 by digitization and project advisers, Stephen Larese and Roland Coffeyen_US
dcterms.provenanceSubmitted by Jason Torre ( on 2013-04-17T19:59:31Z No. of bitstreams: 1 ArtCriticism_V25_N01&02.pdf: 16775440 bytes, checksum: a57915256631d6ae88ea4bbb2dc2ff51 (MD5)en
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dcterms.publisherDepartment of Art, Stony Brook Universityen_US
dcterms.publisherStony Brook, NYen_US
dcterms.subjectArt criticism -- Periodicalsen_US
dcterms.subjectArt -- Periodicalsen_US
dcterms.subjectArt -- Historyen_US
dcterms.subjectArt criticism.en_US
dcterms.subjectArt appreciation.en_US
dcterms.subjectArt criticism--20th century.en_US
dcterms.subjectArt, Modern--21st century.en_US
dcterms.subjectArt, American.en_US
dcterms.subjectModernism (Art).en_US
dcterms.subjectPicasso, Pablo (1881-1973)en_US
dcterms.subjectRauschenberg, Robert, 1925-2008en_US
dcterms.subjectKaprow, Allanen_US
dcterms.subjectPerformance arten_US
dcterms.subjectGreenwold, Mark, 1942-en_US
dcterms.subjectSokolow, Annaen_US
dcterms.subjectKandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944en_US
dcterms.subjectSchama, Simon, 1945-en_US
dcterms.subjectGorky, Arshile, 1904-1948en_US
dcterms.titleArt Criticismen_US
dcterms.titleVolume 25;Number 1 and 2en_US

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