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dc.contributorNyitray, Kristen J.en_US
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dc.rightsStony Brook University. All rights reserved.en_US
dcterms.alternativeLong Island History Journalen_US
dcterms.contributorWunderlich, Rogeren_US
dcterms.creatorDudley, William S.en_US
dcterms.creatorCrease, Robert P.en_US
dcterms.creatorShepherd, Elizabethen_US
dcterms.creatorSterngass, Jonen_US
dcterms.creatorRobinson, Michael J., 1964-en_US
dcterms.creatorBernius, Glennen_US
dcterms.creatorGorelick, Jeremyen_US
dcterms.creatorHerbsman, Adamen_US
dcterms.creatorNaylor, Natalie A.en_US
dcterms.creatorBuck, Sarah A.en_US
dcterms.creatorWunderlich, Rogeren_US
dcterms.creatorErk, Frank C.en_US
dcterms.creatorPalmedo, Philipen_US
dcterms.creatorPerry, Diane F.en_US
dcterms.creatorStephan, Peteren_US
dcterms.descriptionTABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT / In Memoriam: William M.P. Dunne (1934-1995) by Bill Dudley - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: History of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part Six: The Lab and the Long Island Community, 1947-1972 by Robert P. Crease - 4 / The Long Island Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, Part Two: The Struggle to Integrate Public Schools and Housing by Charles F. Howlett - 25 / The Downs and Ups of Samuel Cabman (1809-1881): A Nineteenth-Century Smithtown Farmer and Shipbuilder by Elizabeth Shepherd - 47 / “Something That Makes Me Feel At Home”: Marianne Moore and Brooklyn by Jon Sterngass - 65 / The Town of Hempstead Archives, 1644-1996: A Wealth of Municipal History by Michael J. Robinson - 79 / SECONDARY SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS: Banned Books: The Challenge to the First Amendment of Pico V. Island Trees (1982) by Glenn Bernius - 90 / The Fields, Woolworths, and Vanderbilts: Remembering the Gold Coast by Jeremy Gorelick - 96 / His Majesty's Loyal Subjects: Long Island's Tories and the Division of Hempstead Town by Adam Herbsman - 101 / REVIEW ESSAYS: New Incarnation of Lydia Minturn Post's “Personal Recollections” on the American Revolution: A Review Essay by Natalie A. Naylor - 109 / Response to an Uninspired Hoax: Judith E. Greenberg and Helen Carey Mckeever, Journal of a Revolutionary War Woman by Sarah A. Buck - 120 / REVIEWS: Judith E. Greenberg and Helen Carey McKeever. Journal of a Revolutionary War Woman. (See review essays by Natalie A. Naylor and Sarah A. Buck) John J. Gallagher. The Battle of Brooklyn, 1776 by Roger Wunderlich - 122 / Giacinta Bradley Koontz, Editor. The Harriet Quimby Research Conference Journal, Volume One-1995 by Frank C. Erk - 125 / Joshua Stoff. History of Early Aviation, 1903-1913 by Frank C. Erk - 128 / Roger D. Stone. Fair Tide: Sailing toward Long Island’s Future by Philip Palmedo - 130 / Joan Druett and Mary Anne Wallace. The Sailing Circle: 19th Century Seafaring Women from New York by Diane F. Perry - 132 / Andrea Wyatt Sexton and Alice Leccese Powers, eds. The Brooklyn Reader: 30 Writers Celebrate America’s Favorite Borough by Peter Stephan - 135 / BOOK NOTES - 137 / COMMUNICATIONS - 138en_US
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dcterms.publisherStony Brook University, Department of Historyen_US
dcterms.publisherStony Brook, NYen_US
dcterms.subjectBrookhaven National Laboratory -- History -- 20th centuryen_US
dcterms.subjectBrookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- Biographyen_US
dcterms.subjectAfrican Americans -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- Historyen_US
dcterms.subjectEducation -- New York (State) -- Long Islanden_US
dcterms.subjectShipbuilding industry -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- Historyen_US
dcterms.subjectSmithtown (N.Y. : Town) -- Historyen_US
dcterms.subjectBrooklyn (New York, N.Y.) -- Historyen_US
dcterms.subjectMoore, Marianne, -- 1887-1972en_US
dcterms.subjectHempstead (N.Y. : Town)en_US
dcterms.titleLong Island Historical Journal, Volume 09, Number 1 (Fall 1996)en_US
dc.description.appearsincollectionSUNY Digital Repository (DSpace): Stony Brook University - Campus Newspapers and Journalsen_US

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  • Long Island Historical Journal [SBU] [34]
    The Long Island Historical Journal is a peer-reviewed, academic publication founded by Roger Wunderlich in 1988 at Stony Brook University.

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